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    27.11.2015 at 08:42

    You are so right Hannu-Matias.
    Be a sales person, your attitude mostly need to be like a public sevant like doctors etc.. This work is more like vocation job. Best and succeed sales person has been a born to this profession, not only the reason to have high earnings, but the way to do a meaning in what you are doing.
    Motivated sales person can create new way of succeed for customers, and after that it follows your personal succeed.
    This needs a trust, what is a key for all of us. That comes only after period of partnership with customer, and that is also something that must be earned.
    I have learned that trust is born from the next equation.
    (Realibility + capability + intimasy) / personal interest = trust
    Everyone can calculate what this means if some of the attribute/variable is low.

    Heads up towards new opportunities.

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    2.12.2015 at 00:49

    Hi Risto and thanks for your comment! I’m glad you liked the blog text, and I agree that sales is often sort of vocation for many salespeople – a calling to make your clients succeed exactly as you described.

    However, I know some examples of people who thought they dislike or even hate sales before they tried it, but who have learned to enjoy it afterwards. I would like to think that sales is a profession you can learn to do and learn to love, if you just have the passion to learn new things and create good results for your client.

    Special thanks for your trust equation Risto – I nice and original way of formulate how it’s developed!


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